Warwick Agreement Femoroacetabular

To underline the need for the presence of symptoms, the Panel proposed the new term „femoral acetacle impingement syndrome“ or „FAI syndrome“.38 We considered other terms, such as hip impingement syndrome, but preferred FAI syndrome because it does not include extra-articular hip involvement such as ischiofemorovascular involvement or greater trochanteric involvement. We looked at whether the „syndrome“ could apply a negative label to patients, but the expert committee member did not think that would be the case. Follow Damian Griffin on Twitter @DamianGriffin #warwickagreement contributors DRG, JO, KB, HR and EJD came up with the idea to conduct this study and identified potential panel members. DRG, EJD, KB and JO designed the study. The EJD collected and distributed the bibliography, coordinated the development of the topics and chaired the consensus meeting. .

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