Swat State Agreement With Pakistan

Yahya Khan was not responsible for the merger due to developments in eastern Pakistan, the proximity of the states (Chitral, Dir and Swat) to the USSR and the potential administrative burden. However, it is generally said and believes that Pirzada included the announcement of the merger of states in Yahya Khan`s speech, which was not included in the initial draft. Yahya Khan therefore announced, in a proclamation on July 28, 1969, the merger of the State of Swat with Pakistan with the States dir and Chitral. The immediate reaction to the swat state merger was resentment towards swat`s pro-Wali group and the Afghan government`s. The Pro Wali group in Saidu Sharif and Mingawara excited and looted Mahmoud ul Hasan Butt`s property. Humayun Khan, the Malakand political agent, who was also appointed deputy commissioner of Swat after three days, pacified the anti-merger agitation with a strategy. Since 1969, the former princely state has been under civil administration as part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. [1] The Miangul family still has a prominent place in Pakistan and has a large number of appointment and voting positions. [Citation required] Interestingly, most of those working against autocracy were then in the service and were linked to the underground movement.

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