Guatemala Is Getting Ready To Sign A Safe-Third Agreement

We are already working on a trade agreement. And I think it will be a very substantial trade agreement. You know, we can do it with the UK – we can do it three to four times. We have indeed been hampered by their relations with the European Union. We were very embarrassed in the trade. And I think we can do three to four, five times more than what we`re doing. Q Well, I thought so – it seemed like the courts would say you couldn`t sign an asylum deal with the United States. If a deal is made, you know, they leave next week; They have more meetings. Appointment after meeting. Personally, I don`t think China would sign an agreement if I had a 2% chance of losing the election.

I think China would probably say, „Let`s wait. Let`s wait and see. Maybe Trump will lose and we can handle another drug or another stiffness,“ like the people who accepted these deals, this terrible thing that happens to our country. Because what happened to our country — the money that China took out of the United States — rebuilt China. And I don`t blame China. I accuse the United States of letting it happen. „I don`t think UNHCR has anything in itself against safe third country agreements. I think it depends a lot on the terms of this agreement,“ Bassu said.

Guatemalan officials say the country`s fragile institutions are already struggling to care for their own citizens, many of whom live in communities marked by violence and crime. Olga Elvira Hernández, coordinator of the FUNDAESPRO project, a civil society group that organizes women in marginalized urban areas, said she was concerned about the stress that an additional influx of people into Guatemala`s education and health systems would cause. She said the country`s test scores in math and language are lower than those of its regional neighbors, and hospitals don`t have proper care and only operate at limited hours. And it`s always good for Mexico, because they kill – they get rid of the cartels that everyone knows they run a large part of Mexico – and the coyotes and all these horrible people. Mexico has done a great job for its people. The president has done a great job for his people. And President Morales has done a great job, because he now has a friend in the United States instead of an enemy of the United States. „Given that Mexico and Guatemala do not comply with the requirements for safe third country agreements under the Immigration and Nationality Act, the president does not have the legal authority to continue these negotiations,“ wrote Eliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Justice Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and Internal Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson. At this point, there are even more questions than answers about what the agreement with Guatemala will mean in practice. Much more will have to happen before it comes into effect and the conditions are not final.

The draft agreement doesn`t offer much clarity on how it`s implemented — another person with knowledge of the agreement said, „This reads as if it was designed by someone`s intern“ — but it does offer an exception for Guatemalan migrants, which could be why Jimmy Morales` government, an American omnigent, seems ready, to sign. Guatemala is currently in the middle of the presidential elections; Next month, the country will hold a second round of voting between two candidates and the current head of the list opposed this type of agreement. However, the Morales government still has six months in office. A UNITED Nations-backed anti-corruption agency, CICIG, funded for years by the United States and admired throughout the region, is dismantled by Morales, whose own family has been investigated for corruption and financial irregularities. . . .

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