Adobe Agreement Status

Loads a file as a temporary document used to create templates or agreements. If an agreement is not entered into or terminated by the expiration date, the transaction is completed. The status of the agreement will not be updated to signed in Salesforce once an agreement has been signed. For example, the status can still be drawn instead of the signature. Download a PDF copy of the current version of the agreement. You can download either the full PDF file or the individual files (as they were arranged when downloading). Select the agreement to which you want to add memory. The termination of an agreement terminates the transaction as it stands. The transaction cannot be completed and is moved to the Manage page in the Canceled category. Reminders send an email to the next signatory and remind them that the agreement is awaiting signature. They can be set for each transaction being processed and are sent to the parties you have specified.

By setting an expiration date for an agreement, the transaction is automatically reversed after the specified number of days. This date can also be edited to allow a longer time to sign the document. An agreement can be opened to view the content (in the current state) by simply clicking on the agreement to select it and then selecting the agreement from the options in the right rail. Expired agreements are tracked in a specific section of the Manage page. The right track is replaced by the list of events recorded in the agreement. Transaction events can be checked in the History tab. It is a report on all stages of the agreement up to the present day. The audit report is a storable version of this information in PDF form. Once the ASUU is established, existing agreements with poor status must be updated manually. The sender of an agreement can replace the document and modify the fields after the contract is sent, provided that the first recipient has not yet completed his action. Create a view that lists all agreements whose status is not signed. This action replaces only the current recipient of the agreement.

If you need to change a signer who will be later in the process, wait for their turn to sign. Such a status error occurs when the user has not been configured correctly for automatic status update. The automatic status update user is configured by adding valid Salesforce admin credentials. One of the common reasons why the user is misconfigured for Automatic Status Update (AsUU) is that the Salesforce admin password expires and the ASUU is not updated with the new password. If Adobe Sign attempts to update the status of an agreement dataset and fails, the API/integration key user (v15 and before) or authenticate user (v16 or higher) is also notified by email. . To access the Adobe Sign API Swagger documentation directly, go to the Adobe Sign API documentation. . We`re constantly aggregating more error data, so if this article doesn`t help solve your problem, move on quickly.

Depending on the enabled settings, one or more settings are displayed in the bubble: Note: If you prefer a more detailed explanation of the process, you can find the complete step-by-step guide here! Are you having trouble signing in to your Adobe account? Try reinserting your account in Settings – > accounts or remove the account and add it again. You can find information about some errors returned by the Adobe Sign API under the Adobe Sign API. The base URL for all API requirements is You can find a list of all available accounts under Settings – > Accounts. An OAuth window is open to ask you for information about your Adobe account and password. . When you enter your Adobe account information and password, the event card will ask if you want to allow access to your Adobe account. Click Allow. Use this process if a fake email address was originally used or if you want to change the individual signature….

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