Usace 214 Agreement

Norfolk District RGP. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: letter of authorization, general regional and national authorization program. It`s The tool is available in A transportation agency should conduct a self-assessment to determine (1) whether the funding of a link is authorized by law and (2) whether funding for such a position would meet the Agency`s needs. A link is an appropriate tool for transportation agencies when there is a desire to prioritize a large number of permit applications; regular and early coordination and participation (pre-demand or planning levels) and the involvement of a resource management or regulatory authority; or for a selected, highly controversial or complex project, in which there is the desire to have the only focal point of a critic. A link can also be useful in improving relations between agencies and understanding each other`s processes by improving communication and training between authorities. The most important thing is that a link completes the synchronization efforts. A link establishes inter-institutional relationships and provides targeted and engaged coordination at an early stage to advise the transportation agency at the level of the NEPA review with appropriate considerations in order to respond to other applicable regulatory verification procedures, so that a synchronized audit can be conducted smoothly, with a simpler and lower resolution of most disputes. States that have already entered into a synchronization agreement may also benefit from the ability of one or more separate connections to participate in synchronized verification.

Similarly, states that already have their own (s) connection (s) can use this resource to begin synchronizing audits. The development of agreements in accordance with Section 214 of WRDA 2000, as amended, is governed by USACE headquarters implementation guidelines. The funding agreement guidelines provide that a process similar to that of an IP review is implemented prior to the definition of an agreement. These include a public notice announcing the proposal to adopt and use the funding unit`s resources; a review to ensure that the agreement is consistent with the purpose of the status and would not have a negative impact on other applicants; documentation motivating the district engineer`s decision to reach out to the agreement; and a final public notice announcing the district engineer`s decision on the agreement. The guidelines specify other limitations to agreements. These include requirements for maintaining impartial decision-making through a more thorough review of authorization decisions; Publication of final measures on the Internet; and report annually to USACE headquarters on the use of the agreement.

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