Traduire The Headquarters Agreement

The UN-U.S. Headquarters Agreement (11 UNTS 11) is the largest and best-known of the staffs, since the UN compound in New York is considered the main headquarters of the United Nations. Here are some important documents relating to the implementation of the UN headquarters agreement in the United States: in the case of the United Nations, there are a number of headquarters agreements, as a number of funds, UN programmes, specialized agencies, secretariats and courts have offices at sites around the world. These agreements are included in the UN treaty series. The headquarters agreements govern the relationship between an international organization such as the United Nations and the host state, where the international organization is headquartered. A typical agreement contains provisions relating to the status, privileges and immunities and activities of an international organization. Issues relating to the siege agreement are currently being considered by the Committee on Relations with the Host Member State, a subcommittee of the Sixth Committee, and the resulting report is considered an item on the Sixth Committee`s agenda. Here are some important researches in the digital library for related UN documents: Non-responsibility: Responses are prepared by library staff using the resources available at the time of writing. This site may contain links and links to databases, websites, books and third-party articles, which does not require United Nations approval.

For more information on the origins of the U.S. Headquarters Agreement, see the 1947-1948 edition of the United Nations Yearbook.

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