Plc Supply Of Goods And Services Agreement

12.4 The contract constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all previous agreements between the parties regarding their purpose. Each party acknowledges that at the time of the contract, it was not based on declarations, insurance, insurance or guarantees (negligently or innocently), except in the contractual documents. There is nothing in the contract that limits or excludes a party`s liability in the event of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. 20 Limitations of liability 20.1 Except for death or bodily harm caused by the supplier`s negligence, the supplier is not liable to the customer on the basis of insurance, unless it is (otherwise fraudulent) or a tacit guarantee, condition or other clause or obligation under the common law or under explicit contractual terms or special or consequential damages (lucrative or otherwise) , costs, expenses or other claims (through negligence of the supplier, its staff, its delivery assistants or other information) resulting from the delivery or return of goods by the customer or their return, and any liability of the supplier in connection with or in connection with the contract may give the price of the , unless these conditions expressly provide for it. 20.2 It is the customer`s exclusive responsibility to ensure that the goods are tailored to the purpose they are intended for and for which they need them, regardless of whether the customer can communicate these purposes to the supplier and the customer, as long as he is not aware of the supplier`s skills or judgment or the advice he can give him. Answer. The supplier is not liable to the customer for the damage caused by negligence with respect to such advice or for the non-performance of the appropriate skills and judgments. 20.3 Any advice or recommendation of the supplier or its employees, agents or agents to the customer or its agents regarding the storage, application or use of the goods, which is not confirmed in writing by the Supplier if it is followed or fully implemented at its own risk and the supplier is not held responsible for such consultation or recommendation. 19 Customer Corrective Action 19.1 If the customer refuses a commodity, the customer has no other right regarding the delivery of that goods to the customer or the supplier`s omission, the sales contract is in accordance with the sales contract. 19.2 If the customer accepts a commodity or is considered accepted, the supplier is in no way liable to the customer with respect to these products.

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